Here I summarize the main pieces of software I have developed. I mainly use Github and Biicode, but I also use Bitbucket. Check these accounts if you want to see all my worthy-to-show software.

Following I am detailing the pieces I consider more important.

Fast Marching

An SDK to use and benchmark Fast Marching Methods. It contains many different methods, benchmarking capabilites and Fast Marching Square path planning methods.

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CForest - Google Summer of Code 2014

I participated as a student in the Google Summer of Code 2014 for the Open Motion Planning Library. The output was some improvements to OMPL plus the CForest framework, a multithreaded algorithm which runs many instances of the same path planner and shares solution among threads, so that the convergence to the optimal solution is boosted.

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My very first attempt into the open source world. A library which contains all the code I developed for my SGPS papers. Although its design is probably not the best, I have to say it has been very useful for me.